Publication Promotion Scheme


The Austrian Research Association provides funding for the printing of academic works from all scientific disciplines. Its main goal is the wider distribution of those works:

  1. that demonstrate academic excellence
  2. that have not been published yet and contain new research findings and
  3. that otherwise would not be published or could only be published by putting a high financial burden on the author or the publisher.

This program is aimed at junior researchers with little access to funding opportunities.


The committee of the Scientific Board of the Austrian Research Association decides about the allocation of a printing cost grant after obtaining minimum one independent review (as long as the application conforms to all basic requirements of the support program).

Changes that were instigated by the review and regarded as necessary by the committee must be considered. Printing cost support can only be granted, if all required changes were taken into account and the funding by the Austrian Research Association is explicitly mentioned in the imprint of the publication.

The financial support, depending on the disposability of funds, can only be disbursed after publication and receipt of a sample copy. Additionally, a VAT-exempt invoice and if applicable, a list of the support of other institutions has to be presented.

Submitted manuscripts will not be returned for financial reasons. Upon submitting an application for funding the applicant agrees with the international standard procedure of the Austrian Research Association in regard to the review of applications for printing cost support (dissemination of the personalized manuscript to the reviewer, dissemination in extracts of the anonymized review to the applicant or reasons for a rejection, insuring the anonymity of the reviewer)


Applications can be submitted by Austrian citizens and other persons, who produced the submitted piece predominantly in the context of their academic work in Austria.

Due to a commitment to the economical use of public funds only those works, which are provided in electronic form, can be considered. Another requirement is the submission of a reliable and economical calculation of costs.

Applications are to be submitted to the general secretary of the Austrian Research Association by the author or the publisher and should contain:

  1. the manuscript ready for press (front and back print)
  2. complete information about the name and address of the applicant as well as if applicable his/her affiliation with a scientific institution
  3. a 1-2 page summary of the submitted work
  4. Curriculum Vitae and a list of publications of the applicant
  5. mention of the referee, in case the submitted work or an earlier version has been evaluated in order to obtain an academic degree.
  6. the form for the calculation of printing costs (PDF) to be completed by the publishing house.

On these grounds applications for the following items will be rejected:

  1. catalogues, almanacs, etc.
  2. edited volumes that mainly contain reprints
  3. translations from major languages
  4. Festschrift or edited volumes lacking a coherent thematic concept as well as
  5. documentations and unkommentierte Textausgaben

Works that have also been submitted for financial support to the FWF are strictly excluded from this funding program. Funding can only be provided for monographs and not for series


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