Publication Funding Program of the Austrian Research Association


The Austrian Research Association supports the publication of scientific work from all science sectors and aims to help distributing scientific findings matching the following criteria:

  1. The work is of high scientific quality.
  2. The work has never been published before and contains new research findings.
  3. The work includes scientific findings which, without the Austrian Research Associations’ support, the author/ editor would not be able to publish or which would force the author/ editor to unreasonable financial expenses.

The main objective of the Publication Funding Program is to support scientists and researchers who are not established yet and who have limited access to publication funding.


Wheter publication funding is granted is to be decided by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Research Association.

If the applicant meets all basic requirements of the Publication Funding Program, at least one independent evaluation report will be obtained. This report/ these reports serve(s) as the basis for the final decision made by the Austrian Research Association.

Publication funding can only be granted if all issues raised in the independent evaluation report and/or by the Scientific Advisory Board have been solved by the applicant (taken into consideration) and if the financial support provided by the Austrian Research Association is clearly stated in the publication’s imprint.

Any type of publication funding granted by the Austrian Research Association will, without exemption, be paid out after the work has been published and after a specimen copy has been presented to the Austrian Research Association. Moreover, an official invoice (VAT must be indicated separately) and a detailed record of all grants provided by other funding institutions (if applicable) has to be presented by the applicant to the Austrian Research Association.

For administrative reasons, submitted drafts of the publications provided by the applicant will not be returned by the Austrian Research Association.

By submitting an application for the Publication Funding Program, the applicant explicitly agrees that the draft provided will be passed on to third parties responsible for creating the aforementioned independent evaluation report(s) for the Austrian Research Organization.

The allocation of grants is to be decided by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Research Association after approval of the members of the Publication Funding Committee in one of its three annual meetings.

The process of selecting the person(s) in charge for the aforementioned independent evaluation report and creating the actual report takes about 12 weeks. Consequently, the Austrian Research Association may indicate the following deadlines:

Meetings of the Publication Funding Committee and latest dates for applications:

  • June 29th, 2018 (application deadline: March 26th, 2018)
  • November 15th, 2018 (application deadline: August 10th, 2018)
  • February 1st, 2019 2019 (application deadline: November 5th, 2018)

At each of the three Committee’s meetings a total of max. EUR 12.000,- will be allocated for the Publication Funding Program; however, a maximum of EUR 2.000,- can be granted per individual applicant.


Applications can be submitted by both Austrian citizens and persons whose general scientific efforts are connected to an accredited scientific institution in Austria and who have created the work submitted for the Publication Funding Program in an Austrian context.

Additionally, the presentation of serious and cost-efficient calculations is a basic requirement for all candidates who want to receive grants from the Publication Funding Program.

All applications must be submitted via post by the author or the editor of the scientific work. Applications have to be sent to the General Secretary (Berggasse 25/I, Postfach 20, 1092 Vienna, Austria) of the Austrian Research Association and must include the following:

  1. A ready-for-printing version of the scientific work (two-sided; front and back side print).
  2. The applicant’s name and address and his/her affiliation(s) with any type of research institution.
  3. An executive summary of the work submitted (1-2 pages)
  4. The applicant’s curriculum vitae and the applicant’s list of publications (if applicable)
  5. The explicit naming of all former assessors of the work submitted (in case the work’s current version or a former draft has been submitted as part of an academic program or a degree previously earned)
  6. The completed form for Publication Funding of the Austrian Research Association (PDF), duly signed by the respective publishing company.

The work submitted for the Publication Funding Program must include up-to-date scientific findings that have not been published yet. The topic covered must have a coherent focus. Furthermore, the methodology used must be sound and clear and the thesis statement must be based on the respective field’s current state of research. The work has to be presented in a way that allows scientific publication.

Applications listed in the following do not qualify for the Publication Funding Program of the Austrian Research Association and will be rejected without exemption:/p>

  1. Catalogs, almanacs, annual reports, yearbooks, etc
  2. Anthologies/ omnibus volumes mainly consisting of reprints of accessible scientific works
  3. Simple translations of scientific work originally written in a common foreign language
  4. Commemorative publications/festschrifts or anthologies without a coherent focus and thematical concept
  5. Documentations and text editions without comments
  6. Subject-to-charge contributions published in journals

Generally exempted from the Publication Funding Program are all works which have also been submitted for grants provided by the FWF (Austrian Science Fund).

In addition, applications can only be submitted for one single piece of scientific work and not for any type of series of publications.


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