Objectives and Activities

Duties and Aims

The Austrian Research Association is supported by federal and state governments. It was found in 1977 with the intention to revitalise existing science support programs but also science policy in Austria and hence to contribute to the clear future orientation and quality assurance of research and teaching in Austria. The Austrian Research Association aims to support interdisciplinary exchange and hopes to engage academics all over Austria in these discourses.

Committee of the Academic Advisory Council

The focus and extent of the operations of the Austrian Research Association are initiated and controlled by a Scientific Board. All its activities as well as the allocation of funds are incumbent on scientific criteria. Membership on the Scientific Board is based on academic qualifications and represents a broad range of Austrian Universities as well as scientific disciplines.

The area of activities

The area of activities of the Austrian Research Association include fundamental science policy questions, the establishment of interdisciplinary research activities within our own working groups, the allocation of funding within the limits of our special support programs (see “International Communication”, “Publication Promotion Scheme”) as well as the honour of excellent scientific performances