The Austrian Research Association’s Prize for Science Journalism


Sharing scientific findings with the general public is a central theme in the Third Mission of both university and non-university research. After all, if research is not understood, it will be perceived as detached and without public purpose.
The COVID-19 pandemic in particular showed us very clearly that scientific findings need to be communicated to the public. This task of reaching out concerns both the results of scientific research and the methods used to gain new knowledge. The significance of scientific endeavours and their findings, especially in case of basic research, is often difficult to convey to the general public. Without relevant specialist knowledge, the public requires so to say a journalistic translation.
This is where good science journalism steps in and plays a decisive role in society’s acceptance of research and trust in science.
Against this backdrop, the Austrian Research Association’s Prize for Science Journalism is awarded every other year to recognise outstanding contributions in this respect.
The Prize for Science Journalism is presented in the following categories with no more than one prize per category: daily newspapers, magazines, radio/podcast contributions, television/video contributions. It is also possible to nominate series of articles or documentaries/multimedia (instead of individual contributions).
Everyone interested in research and science, especially scholars themselves, are called upon to bring forward nominations! Self-nominations are excluded. Only one entry per person may be nominated.
The Austrian Research Association will only accept contributions from the period between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2023. Nominations may be submitted until 7 January 2024.
The decision on awarding the Prize for Science Journalism is made by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Research Association based on a proposal from the relevant committee of the Scientific Advisory Board.