Here you will find out all there is to know about the tasks, objectives and bodies of the Austrian Research Association.
What we do


The Austrian Research Association is financed by the Austrian State as well as Austria’s federal provinces. It was founded in 1977 to give fresh impetus to research funding and science policies in Austria. In other words, we strive to improve the future orientation and ensure the quality of research and teaching in Austria. Moreover, we promote dialogue across disciplines and research sites on scientifically and socially relevant topics, and encourage corresponding research projects. We also work on educational and university policy issues and play a vital role in the promotion of young scholars.

Tasks and responsibilities

The Austrian Research Association encourages interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange on scientifically and socially relevant topics. In addition to the Science Day, we organise colloquia, host workshops on educational and science policy issues, prepare corresponding position papers, initiate working groups for networking and interdisciplinary research activities, and promote young scholars in their research endeavours. We are also in charge of allocating funding – e.g., the “International Communication” programme – and award the Austrian Research Association’s Science Prize for outstanding scientific achievements. We also work with other scientific institutions (e.g., Science Council, Universities Austria, Austrian Science Fund, Academy of Sciences) and cooperate with Austria’s federal provinces within the framework of scientific events.

Role of the Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board determines the focus and scope of the Austrian Research Association’s activities. It plans various activities and decides on the funding of research projects exclusively based on scientific criteria. The selection of members of the Scientific Advisory Board – appointed solely due to their professional qualifications – is intended to represent not only all Austrian universities but also a broad spectrum of scientific fields.

Executive Bodies

Members of the Executive Board

Reinhold Mitterlehner
Hubert Dürrstein
Christa Neuper
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
Harald Kainz
Ulrike Baumgartner-Gabitzer
General Secretary
Katharina Koch-Trappel

Additional members of the Executive Board

Emil Brix
Kristin De Troyer
Mag. Gudrun Feucht, M.A.
Cornelia Hagele
Upper Austria
Hans Irschik
Lower Austria
Erwin Mandl
Oliver Vitouch

Scientific Advisory Board

Vienna | Forest and Soil Sciences
Martin H. Gerzabek
Salzburg | Political Sciences
Reinhard Heinisch
Linz | Theoretical Electrical Engineering
Bernhard Jakoby
Graz | Urban Water Management and Landscape Water Engineering
Harald Kainz
Vienna | Physical Chemistry
Wolfgang Kautek
Salzburg | Linguistics
Oswald Panagl
Krems | E-Governance
Peter Parycek
Vienna | Constitutional and Administrative Law
Magdalena Pöschl
Innsbruck | History
Kurt Scharr
Vienna | Epidemiology
Eva Schernhammer
Salzburg | Philosophy/Theology
Heinrich Schmidinger
Vienna | Psychology
Christiane Spiel
Graz | History
Barbara Stelzl-Marx
Vienna | Romance Studies
Eva-Maria Remberger
Vienna | East Asian Studies
Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik
Klagenfurt | Economics
Friederike Wall, MAE
Krems | Biochemistry
Viktoria Weber