International Communication

The Program

he research funding scheme “International Communication” of the Austrian Research Association represents an addition to the financial support options of the universities and other project funding institutions. This research funding scheme provides funding for trips abroad and will give guest researchers the opportunity to come to Austria.

The funding is aimed at junior researchers demonstrating academic excellence, who have been unable to receive sufficient funding from other institutions either on formal grounds or due to a shortage of resources.

Criteria for a successful application include publications in peer-reviewed international journals, collaboration in projects as well as a demonstrated commitment for the economical use of funding.

This program supports the following activities:

  1. The presentation of new research findings at academic conferences, symposia or workshops abroad (excluding summer schools and other course based programs with a main focus on training).
  2. The organisation of small-scale international symposia or workshops in Austria (excluding summer schools and other course based programs with a main focus on training).
  3. Short term stays at research institutions abroad as part of a research project. This stay could be for the purpose of training in specific methods or techniques, or researching materials that are not available in Austria, excluding projects that can only be undertaken abroad on grounds of its contents.
  4. The invitation of guest lectures to discussions, talks and similar events that stimulate the academic discourse, excluding lectures. A committee of the Scientific Board of the Austrian Research Association which meets at least twice per semester, will decide on the allocation of the funding.

Requirements for Applications:

  • The application has to be processed before the activity: i.e. claims regarding point 1/3 must arrive before the start of the journey; claims regarding point 2 must be decided before the event takes place. The deadlines for applications are two weeks prior to the date of the decision. More information regarding deadlines: Einreichtermine
  • Application documents have to be sent via mail. Claims can also be made in English (partly or fully).
  • Every applicant is obligated to use primary financial support first (i.e. university, institute, project funding etc.) and to present the results of these endeavours in their financial plan.

All complete applications have to contain the following documents:

  • A budget report (in EUR) and a financial plan (see above);
  • An academic Curriculum Vitae (CV) arranged in tabular form (with DOB and place of birth).
  • List of publications of the last five years. Young applicants may also include a list of their supervisor’s publications (in form of a web-link).

Additional Requirements:

  1. ad 1.

    This section of our program is mainly directed towards junior researchers. Thus, applicants should not be older than 40 years at the time of their appliction. (With consideration of three extra years parental time for each child.

    Applicants who are not habilitated need a reference from a habilitated senior researcher. The application should include information about the form of the presentation (talk/poster), the applicant’s role in the contribution (lead author/ co-author) as well the general framework of the research project (e.g. EU-, FWF-, OeNB-, BMWVK- project).

    It is further required to include an abstract of the contribution as well as confirmation of the acceptance from the organising institution.

    The budget should include conference fees, travel and accommodation costs only.

  2. ad 2.

    All habilitated university lecturers can submit applications, which are required to include a detailed budget and finance plan next to a justification including information about the aims of the event. The justification should contain a preliminary program including topics and presenters.

    Funding can only be granted in the form of contingent liability. In case a claim is made the shortfall of the event must be proven by a complete statement of all earnings and spending. The received funds are to be used to reimburse travel and accommodation costs for international presenters.

    The funding is contingent on the reference of the Austrian Research Association in the program of the event. A sample copy of the program has to be sent to the Austrian Research Association.

  3. ad 3.

    Applicants who are not habilitated need a reference from a habilitated senior researcher. The application should be max. 1 page and contain either a detailed description of the research topic or the methodology the applicant wants to learn; a justification of the necessity of the trip; and a confirmation of the receiving institute.

    Only travel and accommodation costs can be refunded. The maximum stay for the research trip is limited to three month.

  4. ad 4.

    All habilitated university lecturers can submit this application containing a detailed justification and objectives as well as the invited guest lecturer’s academic Curriculum Vitae including a list of publications (of the last five years).

Bank transfers of financial support

The financial support can only be disbursed after we received the complete budget statement of the journey (in EUR) functioning as proof of appropriate use of the funds. The budget statement must include the original documents (public transport tickets, plane tickets including the invoice, hotel bill, receipt of the conference fees)

Deadlines 2019

  • January 11.
  • March 22.
  • June 7.
  • September 27.
  • October 31.

The decision meeting usually takes place 3 weeks after the deadline.


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